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So third year peoples, may we get a show of hands who knows what they're writing their dissertation about? If you don't know then perhaps you'd be better off cowering in a corner and crying yourself to an idea. Time is running out.

Me: TBNM: Cultural Appropriation and the way it's used in video games, using Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series as a case study. Or some shit like that.
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My Time Based New Media dissertation:

The Directors Cut. A critical analysis of revisionist filmmaking. Perfecting the director's vision or crass marketing tool?

Research has begun, requests for interviews are sent, and panic is setting in.
Fine Art dissertation:
I'm going to be examining how 4/5 artists have responded to the growing commercialisation of the world. 'going to' being heavily stressed; I really need to get on with my reading for it.
i know i'm not a 3rd year but my dissertation is going to be on music videos.. something about whether they are an art form in their on right, or merely advertising tools. or something... i have books on my amazon wish list if anyone wants to help :)
just remember that steve hates music video's, pray that he's not around when you write it, good luck though, it definately sounds like your kind of thing.
I am doing something along the lines of the press reaction to the rise n fall of England during Euro 2004 (For Journalism btw)
Social Commentary in George A. Romero's Dead Trilogy or How Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead all reflect the social climate of America in the decade they were made in.

Still needs work.